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The Trikke is a 3-wheel vehicle that reinvents how you propel yourself on wheels without pushing or peddling. Using motion like that of skiing or in-line skating you simply lean with the handle bars to drive the Trikke forward. The added stability of three wheels and handle bars plus dual rear brakes, allows the rider to reach speeds of 18 mph on flat ground with total confidence and safety. It is not battery operated. It also provides unsurpassed safety, control and agility for riders of all sizes and ages. Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum, has 8 inch urethane wheels, can handle riders up to 350 pounds and quickly folds down for easy storage.

Because of the three-wheeled stance, the Trikke is extraordinarily stable. Dual rear brakes provide superb braking power. Independently controlled, the brakes also allow for unusual lateral control for trick riding. Rated as the safest vehicle on the road by the Los Angeles Safety Foundation, the Trikke provides unsurpassed safety, control and agility for riders of all sizes and ages. The Trikke 8 is fast and stable for Trikkers young and old wanting speed, and durability.

All Trikkes are made from aircraft grade aluminum, have polyurethane wheels, and share the patented Trikke cambering mechanism, folding mechanism and braking system.

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Tri Scooter: AS-KS-33
adult kick scooter

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Tri Scooter: AS-KS-34
girl kick scooter

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Tri Scooter: AS-KS-35
aluminum scooter

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Kick Scooter: AS-KS-36
kickboard scooter

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manufacturer and distributor of push scooters & kick scooter Manufacturer of Kick scooter & foot scooter. Manufactures and distributes foot scooter, dirt bike, atv, chopper, go cart, pocket bike, vehicle, automobile. Skate scooter-China kickboard scooter,folding scooter,push scooter; Scooters and aluminum foldable scooter.

Kick Scooter: AS-KS-37
push scooter

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Kick Scooter: AS-KS-38
China Kick Scooter

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Kick Scooter: AS-KS-39
Foot Scooters

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Kick Scooter: AS-KS-40
Aluminum Kick Scooter

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manufacturer & supplier of mini kick scooters, folded scooters, push scooters, foot scooters and kid's scooters in China China scooter-Manufacturer and exporter of mini foot/kick scooters,push scooter,skate scooter, kickboard/folded scooter. China scooters manufacturer of foot scooter, push scooter,aluminum scooter and kickboard scooter. kick scooters,folding kick scooter,child kick scooters,push scooters for sale.

Kick Scooter: AS-KS-41
Foot Scooter Manufacturers
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Kick Scooter: AS-KS-42
Foot Scooter for sale

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Kick Scooter: AS-KS-43
foot scooter supplier

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Kick Scooter: AS-KS-44
feet scooter

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Sell Aluminum Kick Scooter,Tri Scooter,Surfing Scooter for Children.      

Kick Scooter: AS-KS-45
Motorised foot scooters

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