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How to Skateboard

Lots of people look at Tony Hawk and Danny Way wishing they were just like that on a skateboard. While you can't be like them overnight, you can start now!

1. Be genuine. Make sure you're in it for the right reasons. Don't skate just to be cool, or get sponsored and make a lot of money. You should skate because you love skateboarding. If you really enjoy it, everything else will follow.

2. Visit your local skate shop. This is a great way to see what works and what doesn't. Just by looking at others and asking them how their board, wheels, etc. hold up, you will learn what is worth buying.

3. Get the supplies. A skateboard can cost a lot, but buy something sufficient to last a while. Have a friend that is good at skateboarding suggest a brand to you. You then need comfortable clothing (loose fitting widely preferable) and a pair of sneakers. Skate shoes are a good idea, but as long as you can move your foot around easily, feel comfortable, and know they won't fall apart after just a few uses, they work perfectly.

4. Set aside a day or two to get comfortable on your board.

5. Practice. For tips on how to do moves, you can always watch a move in a video in slow motion and pay attention to the foot movement. Sequence photos are another great way to learn. But basically, the more you practice, the better you will be. Don't get discouraged because you can't land a trick the first or second try. Just practice and have fun, and you will get the trick eventually.

6. Get someone you know that's good at skateboarding to teach you. Your dad probably can't pop shuvit or anything, so ask someone from a local shop or park if you can watch them. Bring some beginners and ask if what he's doing is intermediate to advanced skating, if it is, perfect. You have a teacher.

7. Learn to manual first, it shouldn't take long. Once you can manual for at least a foot while moving, you can ollie. First practice while stationary. After learning those, learn how to drop in on a ramp or pop shuvitting, whichever you please. You may also want to learn how to switch.

8. Ask your teacher about his favorite tricks. If it seems possible for you, request to learn it.

9. Go skate! Find some other skaters to skate with. It helps you to learn from their styles or different skill levels. If you don't know anyone, just talk to some other skaters at the local skate park. They are usually friendly, and will help you out. Experiment, make a higher ollie, read about how to do another trick, whatever your heart desires. Your teacher is more a friend than an instructor now, share skills with him, and anyone else you want to show off to.

• Don't worry. Other people will always progress faster or tell you what to wear. Skateboarding is only about you and your board. Just have fun. At the end of the day, a different t-shirt brand won't help you skate any better than blue hair.
• Give way to pedestrians and if you are told to leave a spot, then leave. If security or police come, the skate session is over. Move on. Try to skate in a safe and legal spot if possible.

• Wear protective gear. Knee pads can be restricting but are essential for vert or half pipes. Wrist guards are always good in any situation.

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